My parents got me a canopy bed from Sears. Stark white and looked like something that belonged in my Grandma's house, not in a child's bedroom. AND there was a Laura Ashley bedspread with ruffles. 

I took black marker and drew all over the bed and tore off the bedspread ruffles. My parents immediately made me clean the marker off and they got me a new bedspread. With ruffles.

I'm an adult now. I'll do what I want, thank you.

I'm Rhana!


clumsy DIYer | Amateur photographer | Maker of Ugly Latte art

MacBook, phone, lipstick

Jeopardy contestant. For $1000, Alex (RIP)


When Harry Met Sally


Spicy margarita

always with me

dream role

Here's my wallet

on repeat

so hungry

happy hour

Oh ocean, my ocean

Just a few of the things I need in my life or I get cranky.


addiction can be good


Animal kingdom (This is shakespeare!)


WInd in my frizzy hair


The beach is great; sand in unexpected places is not. Sometimes, I just stick with the pool.

Ballet flats, high heels (the higher the better), sneakers. I need another closet.

I like riding my bike or at least thinking about riding my bike.

My love for dogs requires me to bring an inhaler and antihistamine everywhere I go.

bright + Elevated Guidebook

Love it

Hate it




 cashew milk lattes


Bad Television

 Movies based on books


 Clam juice

 Broken pencils

 Bad Television

Making a messy house into a comfy home

winging it