Giving this aging dresser a new life

DIY dresser

This dresser was left out on a street years ago. Its life with one family was over, but it still had so much to give.

So Carl and I took it, carried it inside our home, and placed it in our closet, always intending to do something with it. Instead, It sat in our closet for more than 5 years –  gathering dust, hiding clothes we could no longer fit into, and remaining in the shadows. At one point, I almost gave it away.

The dresser is now in the light. Over the next few weeks, I’ll sand, paint, and give this dresser some much needed love.

I can’t wait for the transformation, but do have some hesitations:

  1. It’s heavy and is currently located in the master bedroom which is upstairs. If I want to sand and paint it outside, Carl and I have to carry this beast down a flight of stairs. We want to save our backs – ugh middle age!
  2. So I’ll probably have to work on this in the master bathroom where I can open windows and there’s some good ventilation. But that means we have to live with this thing in our bathroom for a few days. Sigh. 

What am I getting myself into?

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  1. […] Carl is trying to clean the garage so there are boxes everywhere inside the house filled with files, decorations, CDs (!!), stuff we haven’t looked at in probably a decade. I feel overwhelmed without the amount of stuff we have. […]

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