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Living in South Florida, it’s hard for me to gauge what season it is. There are only two season here for me: hot season and even more hot and humid hurricane season. I know in other parts of the country, it’s still cold and maybe snowing 😳 and wow, I’m so sorry if that’s you. […]

Say yes to these easy, flowy dresses for spring

Dresses for spring

Since the pandemic began a year ago: I bought multiple 50 pound bags of flour I realized not everyone in my family wants fresh rolls every day (who are these strangers?) I started making our bed daily. It was a big deal I discovered how much I enjoy avocados my love for bread still continues […]

What to get at Target for your patio right now

Outdoor furniture and decor from Target

Looking at the Serena & Lily 20% off sale, I’ve got a Modern Beachhouse/Boho vibe in mind and it’s making me want to move back to Southern California. If only. Here are my favorite things from the sale… Get 20% off EVERYTHING with code: NEWLEAF. Sale ends Tuesday, 3.16.21 at 11.59 pm PT. Don’t miss […]

What I’m shopping at the Serena & Lily 20% off everything sale

Serena & Lily 20% off everything sale

I have a hard time eating healthy. If I have the choice between potato chips and a salad, I will always choose potato chips. If it’s unhealthy, I gravitate towards it. As I’ve tripped into middle-age, my health is. . . not great. Autoimmune diseases, high blood pressure, weight-gain, medications that mess with my body, […]

A delicious and nutritious avocado mash toast with a twist you’ll want to eat every day

avocado test

My latest obsession is woven baskets. I have a difficult time keeping things organized and looking tidy in our house. I like to blame this on three kids, 2 dogs, and my husband, but the real problem is me. I’m a compiler and tend to keep things longer than I should. OR I put a […]

Take a look at these woven baskets and spruce up your console table or organize your house

woven baskets with handles

Our entryway right now looks horrific. Our UPS delivery person saw all the boxes the other day and asked if we were moving. When I told him no, he quickly backed away from the door, ran into his truck, and sped away. Carl is trying to clean the garage so there are boxes everywhere inside […]

8 console tables under $400 you should look at now

I can barely open the door to the laundry room because of all the clothes/sheets/towels and other things blocking the way. Speaking of the laundry room, I think I just found the perfect wallpaper for our laundry room. Every time I look at this wallpaper, it takes my breath away. Back to all that dirty […]

Let’s all shop this weekend and ignore all the dirty laundry

online shopping

Since the pandemic started, I have stuck to the same 4 outfits: sweats and a tee, shorts and a tank top, jeans and sleeveless top, and countless shapeless dresses that allow me to eat as much as I want without that constant reminder around my belly line that I should probably stop. I haven’t worn […]

Weekend outfit: the brunch time edition

weekend brunch outfit idea

This dresser was left out on a street years ago. Its life with one family was over, but it still had so much to give. So Carl and I took it, carried it inside our home, and placed it in our closet, always intending to do something with it. Instead, It sat in our closet […]

Giving this aging dresser a new life

DIY dresser

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