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I don’t know why it took a move to finally upgrade our exterior lights. For the longest time, we had these ugly white lights that made me so sad every time I saw them. What did I do? Just walked by them and try to ignore them until I saw them again. I’ve kept a […]

The right outdoor light will make your house sing

outdoor lights

For the past year, I kept seeing these gorgeous images on Instagram where I’d see one half of an image, swipe left and see the other half. Like here, here, and here. Christopher Architecture & Interiors is pure catnip for me and if I could ever be so lucky to work with that team… Was […]

You can do a seamless Instagram panorama image right now


You probably heard, we’re moving. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ll miss this home. I’ve been going around taking pictures of different areas of our home, getting choked up with every picture as memories flood my brain. Like this view of our music room. It’s the first thing I see as I’m […]

Discovering things I haven’t seen in 10 years and donating (almost) everything

Wall of guitars

We’re moving! And I’m an emotional mess. The thought of moving to a place I love fills me with such happiness, I can barely contain the giddiness. The thought of moving away from a beautiful home that has loved my family + me for 10 years brings tears that I’ve been trying to blink away for […]

Where will this next journey take us?

Pampas Grass

The kids don’t have school today and I totally took advantage of sleeping in. I also cracked open my laptop and started some online shopping because that’s what you do on Friday mornings, right? Three of my favorite places to shop have some great things on sale. Also, the jumpsuits from Madewell make me squeal […]

All the things to buy this Easter weekend

sales to shop this Easter from Anthropologie, Madewell, and Urban Outfitters

My breath was taken away this morning when I saw the new Erdem X Universal Standard collaboration. I mean, everything is SO GOOD. Erdem is so dreamy and romantic. Universal Standard has amazing basics that complement your body and oh wow do they have inclusive sizing – the clothing just feels like it was made […]

Everything from the new Erdem X Universal Standard Collaboration

Erdem x Universal Standard collaboration

We’re working on updating our youngest daughter’s bedroom. Right now, the room looks sad and doesn’t reflect her personality. She’s creative, imaginative and loves animals. The closet is huge and has this unusually high ceiling that doesn’t match the ceiling in the bedroom – definitely lots of storage space, especially for all her toys. There’s […]

Anthropomorphic animal art from Etsy for a child’s room

kid's closet

Who else needs a total wardrobe refresh? For the past year, I‘ve been wearing the same thing over and over and over again. It’s getting pretty old and I don’t know how long I can avoid mirrors. I was browsing Target as people are wont to do while avoiding doing other things that clearly need […]

All the Target tops that are ? right now and under $30

Target tips under $30

Our spice cabinet has been a disaster for years. It’s one of those things where if I ignored it, I wouldn’t have to think about it and deal with the work I imagined it would involved to improve. Do you do this as well? We had spices in different sized jars and pouches, baking ingredients, […]

Organize your messy spice cabinet this weekend + get this FREE printable

Organize spice cabinet

Living in South Florida, it’s hard for me to gauge what season it is. There are only two season here for me: hot season and even more hot and humid hurricane season. I know in other parts of the country, it’s still cold and maybe snowing ? and wow, I’m so sorry if that’s you. […]

Say yes to these easy, flowy dresses for spring

Dresses for spring

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