Say yes to these easy, flowy dresses for spring

Living in South Florida, it’s hard for me to gauge what season it is. There are only two season here for me: hot season and even more hot and humid hurricane season. I know in other parts of the country, it’s still cold and maybe snowing ? and wow, I’m so sorry if that’s you. I grew up in Seattle and I do not miss the cold.

Anyway, I’m always looking for easy, flowy dresses that take zero thought to put on and I can go about my day quickly. My criteria for the perfect dress: no constriction in the waist (I want to be able to eat a lot!), I need to breathe easily, and I can take a nap in it with ease. Apparently, I can’t live in my pajamas all day, which is usually just a pair of raggedy shorts and a tank top that’s older than all my children put together. Oh wow. I need to upgrade my pajama game as well.

By the way, Spring starts tomorrow. I still think it’s 2020. ??‍♀️

Here are all the dresses I’m looking at right now:

  1. Target Women’s Tiered Tank Dress: $20 – I have this in multiple colors and it is my favorite dress right now. So comfortable, price is right, perfect.
  2. Target Women’s Ruffle Sleeveless Tiered Dress: $34.99 – another great Target find available in some great colors
  3. Target Women’s Short Sleeve Plunging Smocked Waist Dress:$25 – I will wear almost anything in a floral pattern
  4. H&M Long Wrap Dress: $34.99 – total sucker for a floral wrap dress
  5. H&M Voluminous Dress: $49.99 – a hundred times yes!
  6. H&M Calf Length Dress: $29.99 – so easy, I could live in this one
  7. Mango Midi Printed Dress: $59.99 – love this print
  8. Mango Textured Cotton Blend Dress: $79.99 – it can’t get simpler than this
  9. Mango Flowy Printed Dress: $79.99 – vibing with this one
  10. Nordstrom Brocade the Rules Minidress: $89 – perfect dress to eat in
  11. Nordstrom Tana Woven Tank Dress: $54 – very sweet
  12. Nordstrom Harmony Cotton Trapeze Dress: $58 – love this color

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