Updating our kitchen one day at a time

A photo I took of our kitchen before we moved in. The grey backsplash looks blue here because the under cabinet lighting is on 🧐

Lately, our kitchen has been frustrating me. Even though everything is brand new, it feels like there’s no identity here. Everything feels a little monotone: the grey backsplash, the white cabinets with black handles, the stainless steel appliances. Shoulder shrug.

Is it too much to make this little place where we constantly gather around food + drink into an old world European kitchen or just something that makes me melt with excitement?

Some things I can’t change right now and will need to be updated in a year or two (or three OR never 😭?).

I want to get rid of the overhead microwave – maybe get a low profile one that can go under the center counter. In its place would be a wood hood like this one.

The kitchen in our Airbnb last summer. Look at this wall of windows ❤️

I’d love to remove the cabinets on each side of the windows and add larger, wider windows. A wall of windows from the ceiling beams down to the counter would be perfect – make it happen, Carl. The windows in our Airbnb over the summer (I can’t believe how much I miss that place) are beautiful and I desperately want them in this house. Maybe some open shelving would look good here as well.

New pendant lighting would change the look of the kitchen dramatically. I haven’t thought about what I want here. Something a little more complex than what we currently have, perhaps a smaller version of these hammered lights. And if I could add sconces where the range wall is, these would definitely be a contender.

I’d like to update the cabinet handles at some point. I’ve been obsessing over these leather pulls or maybe something like this.

I’m not crazy about our appliances. There – I said it. They are totally fine, brand new, functional appliances, but. . . the dishwasher has gotten crazy loud. Even though I hand wash all the dishes before putting them into the dishwasher, they come out looking dirtier than before they got washed. The gas range can’t seem to regulate its output – it’s either way too hot or not hot enough. I’d love to have room for a 40-48″-ish range like this, this, OR this. The fridge is. . . fine and I guess I do like the separate beverage door. I wish we could afford and even have the room for this fridge and oh my goodness this one (❤️ I love you sooo much).

Ahhh… but these are all ramblings of someone who’s always got her head in the clouds and always asking myself ‘what if I could. . . ?’.

What I can update now is all the decor + accessories on the counter. Maybe I’ll add more cookbooks instead of stacking them in an already too full cabinet. Maybe I’ll add a painting or two. Oh, and a little lamp would be so cute.

Our kitchen changes daily and it’s definitely a work in progress.

And as I live more and more in this kitchen, I find that: I am grateful for all the cabinet space – it’s so much more than we had in our previous house with a kitchen that was twice as big as this one. The newness of this space makes me happy. I’ve never had a backsplash before in a kitchen and it’s game changer. Who knew I wouldn’t be able to live without our wine fridge? The sink is spacious and the multipurpose over sink roll-up dish drying rack is so satisfying.

And you know what? I think I kinda love this little kitchen of mine.

Kitchen mood board

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