We’re looking for our forever home

It feels like we’ve been in the moving process for forever. There are boxes everywhere (the pathway to and from the kitchen is sort of blocked and we have to play a little Tetris to get through), the smell of new paint fills my lungs (and triggers my asthma), and there have been way too many injuries caused by tape guns (does anyone else walk around with bandaids in their pockets?).

Even with the mental and physical exhaustion, Carl and I are excited and fortunate enough to move back to our favorite city. 

When we were in LA a month ago, we put offers on four houses (I shared some photos in Stories over the past few weeks. I also shared photos of some homes that scared us ? . Even though we have our pre-approval letter and came in with strong offers, we were outbid by people who didn’t have contingencies and let me tell you, there are a lot of cash buyers out there. 

There is a very special house Carl and I absolutely fell in love with and we we became emotionally attached to it – I felt like it could’ve been our forever home. It definitely checked all the boxes for what we want in our next home. Again, our offer was strong, but the current buyers just didn’t have any contingencies. I have an inclination to drive by that house all the time once we move and just admire it from the street. I’m not a stalker, you’re the stalker. Maybe when thinking about this house doesn’t smart so much, I’ll share photos of it.

The week we were in LA, I laughed like I haven’t laughed in a long time, but I also sobbed uncontrollably in the bathroom/in the car/on the plane back to florida, trying to get a grip as multiple anxiety attacks just wrecked me. 

I am currently mired in anxiety, frustration, stress, but I’m also blanketed with joy, optimism, and gratitude. 

What we’re looking for in our next home:

Views – I’d love to walk out of the house and just look out at rolling hills, trees, and mountains. Hey, Carl, let’s go out on the patio, drink some wine, and take in the views.

  • Pool – we had a pool at a a previous Florida home and in our old house in LA. It’s s definite mood booster and the kids would love to have a pool again.
  • Turnkey – we’re tired of project homes, where we see major flaws and kinda close our eyes to them until we can’t stand it anymore. I want to just walk into a house and not say – ohhh, that cabinet needs to be replaced, this would look better painted, why is this bathroom so dated?
  • Architectural delight – the house I mentioned above that we fell in love with was built in 1924, a California bungalow/craftsman, in a neighborhood full of artists. Is there a twin of this house somewhere?
  • Mature landscaping – I love old homes that are surrounded by lush and mature landscaping. Deciduous/evergreen/ fruit trees, shrubs, and flowers fill me with happiness. I’m hoping our next home will have space where I can finally grow an herb and vegetable garden.

So getting our current home ready to sell and looking for a new home on the other side of the country continues. 

Thanks for joining us on our journey. 

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