Your new coat might was well be a chore coat

When I was younger, I was obsessed with J. Crew’s Barn Jacket. Everyone in Seattle seemed to have one (or two) of these jackets. After years of begging my parents, I finally got one in high school. I loved that jacket until it completely disintegrated just a few years ago – a good two plus decades of use!

Barn jackets, chore coats, utility coats mean the same thing to me: versatile, lightweight coats with deep pockets you can wear any season.

I’m ready to get a new coat – you with me?

chore coats
  1. Painter’s Chore Jacket – nice + lightweight for any season
  2. Cotton Linen Chore Coat – a refreshing faded black color that goes with everything
  3. Field Chore Coat – the soft clay hue elevates the coat
  4. Survey Chore Coat – I’m currently obsessing over corduroy
  5. Garment-Dyed Lightweight Chore Coat – modern + versatile
  6. Britt Work Jacket – I’ll take recycled denim any day
  7. Chore Jacket – this jacket is flannel-lined
  8. Corduroy Chore Coat – another great corduroy look
  9. Italian Brushed Wool Chore Coat – refined + rugged all in one coat
  10. Barn Jacket – a new take on J. Crew’s barn jacket
  11. Corduroy Chore Coat – comes in a fabulous whisky or steel blue color
  12. Cord Chore Workwear Jacket – corduroy + fleece? I’m melting
  13. Denim Chore Jacket – under $40? I’m all in
  14. Canvas Chore Coat – casual classic
  15. Blue Cotton Jacket – an icy blue/purple, perfect pop of color
  16. Reworked Corduroy Panel Chore Coat – totally here for this rich forest color

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