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Unlock your dream job: 5 simple secrets revealed

The number 1 challenge for small business owners may well be burnout. You wear too many hats and work too many hours. The smaller the company, the worse the problem increasing the odds of failure every day. You were fresh and inspired when you launched your company. Meticulous about the appearance, cleanliness and customer satisfaction. […]

Small Business Burnout

Why does it feel like the holidays has crept on me? Time is moving too fast and I just need it to slow down. Have the holidays crept up on you as well? Nonetheless, I’ve got your back with my curated list of top-notch gifts for everyone in your life. DECORATIONS GIFTS FOR WOMEN GIFTS […]

My ultimate holiday gift guide

Summer was brutal here, like don’t go outside because the heat will scorch your skin brutal. The first week of October has brought kinder temperatures and I will embrace it for as a long as I can. I’m trying to resist the temptation of buying and bringing home dozens of pumpkins like I’ve done in […]

Can we have some autumn leaves and pumpkins please?

glass pumpkins on kitchen ocunter

See that fan in the living room? I’ve been wanting to get rid of it since we moved in . It looks fine, but isn’t great. The light on the fan is pretty bad. So I’ve been thinking that we can transform the entire aesthetic and ambiance of the living room just by changing out this […]

We really need to talk about the lighting in the living room

living room with ceiling fan, sofa and accent chairs

Carl + I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day – it’s just another day for us. Are we weird? Okay, enough about me. You probably celebrate Valentine’s Day and I’ve got some great gift ideas for your partner/parents/kids/friends/pets… Shop the Post:

It’s here: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Every Christmas, I go all out when it comes to food: Sigh. Do you make the same things every holiday season or do you change it up every year. OR do you go to someone else’s house and have them stress about it (you’re so smart)? Here’s what we’re eating + the recipes I’ve relied […]

Join us for our annual Christmas feast

I’m not doing anything fancy this year when it comes to wrapping presents. Just some simple kraft paper, ribbon + tags. The one thing I did splurge on were these vintage-looking bells. They’re so pretty in person and is the perfect finishing touch to presents (I also added the bells to garland and wreaths around […]

Keeping it simple: how I’m wrapping presents this year

It’s hard to keep track of all the Black Friday Sales happening this week. Good thing I put all the sales in one place for you. *Don’t forget to get a few things for yourself. ART Framebridge – they make creating gallery walls incredibly easy. Use code GW15 for 15% off gallery walls. Juniper Print […]

All my favorite Black Friday Sales in one place

Let’s not wait until the last minute to shop for everyone on our holiday list this year. My favorite gifts for this season. . . GIFTS FOR KIDS Click to shop below: GIFTS FOR WOMEN Click to shop below: GIFTS FOR MEN Click to shop below: GIFTS FOR COOKS Click to shop below: GIFTS FOR […]

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